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Analysis Of The Advantages And Disadvantages Of FTTH
Dec 14, 2018


FTTH's advantages are mainly 5 points: first, it is passive network, from the bureau to the user, the middle can basically be passive; second, its bandwidth is relatively wide, long distance just in line with the operator's large-scale use of the way; third, because it is the business carried on the fiber, so there is no problem;

Because of its wide bandwidth, the supported protocols are more flexible, and V, with the development of technology, including point-to-point, 1.25G and FTTH methods have developed a relatively perfect function.

In the optical access family, there are FTTB (Fiber to the building) fibre-optic to the tower, FTTC (Fiber to the Curb) fiber to the roadside, Fttsa (Fiber to the] optical

Connect optical fiber directly to the user's home, its bandwidth, wavelength and transmission technology types are not limited, suitable for the introduction of a variety of new services, is the most ideal business transparency network, is the ultimate way to develop access network. Although the speed of mobile communication development is amazing, but because of its limited bandwidth, terminal volume is unlikely to be too large, display screen restrictions and other factors, people still pursue relatively superior performance of the fixed terminal, that is, hope to achieve optical fiber to the household.

The beauty of fiber to home is that it has great bandwidth, which is the best solution to the "last kilometer" bottleneck phenomenon from the Internet backbone to the user's desktop. With the upgrading of technology, the cost of fiber-to-home is greatly reduced and can soon be reduced to the same as DSL and HFC network, which makes the practicality of FTTH possible.

It is reported that as early as 1997, Japanese NTT began to develop ftth,2000 years later due to lower costs and increase the number of users, the United States around 2002 in the December the number of FTTH installation increased by more than 200%. For the fiber-to-home market, companies have their own opinions: U.S. A & T company is not optimistic about FTTH, in OFC2004, the company believes that bandwidth is not a panacea, development of applications and content is the key, so in a considerable period of time, FTTH market may be small, and US operators Verizon, Sprint was more active and presented their plans and technical solutions for the development of FTTH on OFC2004. In China, optical fiber to the home is also imperative, optical fiber to the home of the experimental network has also been carried out in Wuhan, Chengdu and other cities, it is expected that around 2012, in China from the coast to the mainland, from the east to the West will rise the climax of optical fiber to household construction.

It can be said that optical fiber to the household is a bright spot of optical fiber communication, along with the maturity and practicality of the corresponding technology, the cost is further reduced to the level that families can afford, FTTH's general trend is unstoppable. In addition, FTTH technology is also used to solve the "last kilometer" problem in the information superhighway. ftth+ Ethernet than ADSL (ADSL will establish the highest theoretical 8Mbps download bandwidth when dialing, this bandwidth will never change.)

In fact, however, due to the noise detection mechanism of ADSL, if the line situation is not good then the initial connection is clearly impossible to reach the theoretical value, may end up with 5Mbps, this bandwidth will not change) and ISDN (Europe's popular form of telephone network) transmission speed is much faster.


Based on Mac speed limit mode, latency increases when broadband runs full.

The rate aspect FTTH provides the maximum 4M uplink, 100M downlink, belongs to the wrong line, the FTTB belongs to the upper and lower equivalence, the maximum provides 10M.

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